• Bridging the Gap

  • Overview

    Bridging the Gap is a national program aimed at helping individuals with a disability reintegrate into the community and regain their motivation, inspiration, independence and confidence through physical activity.

    Bridging the Gap aims to introduce and support continued involvement of individuals with physical disabilities in wheelchair sports and recreation opportunities, promoting an active healthy lifestyle and improved quality of life.

  • The Bridging the Gap Program accomplishes this through the following

    • Have A Go Days
    • Addressing Barriers to Participation
      • Low/No Cost Programming, Equipment Loans
    • Partnerships with Rehabilitation Centers and Community Organizations
    • Peer Mentors and Role Models
    • Advocacy and Awareness
    • Development Level Programming
    • Enhancing Facility Accessibility
    • And more
    • Have A Go Days

    • Fun and inclusive introductory sessions where new participants can come out and try sports with supportive BCWSA peers and coaches. We run Have-A-Go Days throughout the year in different communities across the province.

    • Developmental Programs

    • Weekly sport-specific and multi-sport programming for athletes of varying skill and experience levels led by BCWSA coaches.

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    • Wheelchair Loan Program

    • Access to appropriate sport wheelchairs is a major barrier for people with disabilities looking to get involved in wheelchair sports. A basic sports wheelchair costs over $3000 and specialized wheelchairs can cost even more.


      At BCWSA, we don’t want financial barriers to leave anyone on the sidelines. That’s why we have a comprehensive wheelchair loan program that offers athletes of all ages, sports, shapes and sizes access to proper sports wheelchairs and equipment.


      Wheelchairs can be rented for a very low yearly rate. To learn more, please contact Matt McDonell at coordinator@bcwheelchairsports.com


    • Peer Mentorship

    • Introducing new participants to experienced athletes and mentors who can answer questions, provide support and ensure that their introduction to wheelchair sports is a positive one.

    • Get Involved

    • Do you want to participate in Wheelchair Sports but with less competition and expectations? Our Developmental programs are a great place to start. Programs will often feature a mixture of recreational and competitive athletes and you can work with our coaches and staff to tailor an approach to your goals, whatever they may be.

      Everyone’s journey starts with a first push. Contact us today!

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