• Story 6: Volunteers

BC Wheelchair Sports has always thrived on the passion and enthusiasm of volunteers. Over the years, thousands of people have given up their time and energy to ensure that our athletes can compete at their best. At the recent 2010 World Wheelchair Rugby Championships, for example, over 150 volunteers did everything from serve food to act as table officials to drive the buses.

Sometimes, volunteers are people unconnected to the wheelchair sports community just looking for a way to give back. Other times, our athletes or coaches donate their time to help the next generation. Either way, BC Wheelchair Sports is grateful for the many different types of volunteers who have passed through our doors over past 40+ years.

Since there are too many great volunteers to list by name, today we’ll celebrate volunteers by posting a volunteer recruitment video from 1989. Join “Felicia” and “Liz” as they learn about the many ways you can get involved in wheelchair sports….including participating in a shirts vs. skins wheelchair basketball game and volunteering your services as a clown. Catch the Spirit!