• BC Racers and Throwers to compete at the National Championships in Ottawa

  • massive-dev  |  July 4, 2018

BC is sending ten athletes to the 2018 Canadian Track and Field Championships in Ottawa, Ontario. 

Jessye Brockway, Dakota Darling, Peter Isherwood, Eddy Solla and Darryl Yuen will be throwing for Team BC

Nathan Dewitt, Djami Diallo, Sedrick Skabar, Tristan Smyth and Balraj Zimich are all racing for Team BC.

The championships are being live-streamed here

Team’s BC Schedule

Wednesday July 4th 

7am: Women’s Seated Shot-Put (Jessye Brockway)
9am: Men’s Seated Shot-Put (Dakoda Darling, Eddy Solla, Darryl Yuen)


3pm: Men’s and Women’s 5000m (Tristan Smyth)
4:15pm: Women’s 100M T33/34 & T53/54 (Djami Diallo)
4:30pm: Men’s 100M T34/51 &T53/54 (Nathan Dewitt, Sedrick Skabar and Balraj Zimich)

Thursday July 5th

7:15am: Men’s Seated Discus (Dakoda Darling, Peter Isherwood, Eddy Solla, and Darryl Yuen)
10am:Women’s Seated Discus (Jessye Brockway)
2pm: Men’s Seated Javelin (Dakoda Darling, Daryl Yuen)


12:45pm: Women’s 400M T33/34 & T53 & 54 (Djami Diallo)
1:05pm: Men’s 400M T34/51 & T53 & T54 (Nathan Dewitt and Balraj Zimich)
3:25pm: Women’s 1500M T34/53/54 (Djami Diallo) 
3:35pm: Men’s 1500M T34/53/54 (Tristan Smyth)

Friday July 6th

7am: Women’s 200M T33/34 & T53/54 (Djami Diallo)
7:20am: Men’s 200M T34 & T53/T54 (Nathan Dewit, Sedrick Skabar, Balraj Zimich)