2015 Birmingham National Wheelchair Tennis Championships

BC Wheelchair Sports Association and Tennis Canada will host the 2015 Birmingham National Wheelchair Tennis Championships from Oct. 22 - 25th at UBC Tennis Centre. Save the date to come out and watch Canada's best wheelchair tennis athletes compete for $15,000 in prize money. 

For match play, please click here.

This year, we are pleased to announce that ViaSport will be livestreaming the event on Saturday and Sunday. To view the webcast, please click here. The archives of the tournament can be viewed here. Thank you to Viasport for powering our event!

Tournament Details

Date: October 22-25th, 2015
Location: UBC Tennis Centre, 6160 Thunderbird Blvd, Vancouver, B.C.
Prize Money:$15000
Schedule: Here
Contact: Lisa Myers at lisa@bcwheelchairsports.com
Phone: 604-333-3520 ext 209

Event Schedule

Thursday, Oct. 22

9:15 am - Opening Ceremony
9:15 am - 10 pm: Match Play

Friday, Oct. 23

9 am - 6 pm: Match play
7:30 pm: Tournament dinner at the Mad Greek Restaurant

Saturday, Oct 24

9 am - 10 pm: Match play

Sunday, Oct. 25

9 am - 6 pm: Match play, including finals.

Monday, Oct. 26

9 am - 4 pm: Development Session with Tennis Canada National Coach Kai Schrameyer and BCWSA Provincial Coach Steve Manley



Marni Abbott-Peter (BC)
Kiran Aujlay (BC)
Maude Jacques (QC)
Tara Llanes (BC)
Kirsten Sharp (BC)


Philippe Bédard (QC)
Maxime Beliveau (QC)
James Bernus (MB)
Misha Bilenky (BC)
Tomas Bourassa (BC)
Patrick Desnoyers (QC)
Jonathan Gariepy (QC)
Eric Gilbert (QC)
Bernard Lapoint (NB)
Jean-Paul Mélo (QC)
Roberto Molina (BC)
Paul Pepin (QC)
Richard Peter (BC)
Vince Preap (BC)
Gary Regan (BC)
Kyle Thompson (AB)
Samuel Unrau (MB)
Thomas Venos (BC)


John Chernesky (BC)
Alexis Chicoine (BC)
Adam Frost (BC)
Peter Isherwood (BC)
Jessica Kruger (BC)
Gary Luker (ON)
Mitch McIntyre (SK)
Ryan Schweizer (BC)
Robert Shaw (ON)


Thomas Bourassa (BC)
Thomas Venos (BC)