Programs and services include:

  • Recreational - Regular wheelchair basketball programs take place in communities around the province. In addition, basic skill development sessions for juniors and adults are also offered.
  • Juniors - Programs are offered to youth through out the province. Youth have the opportunity to meet new friends, learn new skills and increase their fitness level. An annual Junior Tournament is also held in the Lower Mainland.
  • BC Winter Games - These multi-sport games provide a competitive opportunity for BCWBS regional youth teams and take place every 2 years.
  • Canada Games - Wheelchair basketball is one of the many sports participating in the Canada Winter Games, a national multi-sport competition for Canadian youth that takes place every 4 years.
  • BC-CWBL - This is a provincial league that provides competitive opportunities for registered teams throughout the province. The league culminates in a provincial championship tournament.
  • Provincial Teams - BC Men's and Women's provincial teams participate in National Championships each year
  • Regional Clubs - Events are also available all over British Columbia through local clubs.
  • Coaching - BCWBS offers coaching clinics, supports a regional coaching program, and financial assistance towards the development of NCCP qualified coaches.
  • Officials - Stand-up basketball officials can be trained to officiate wheelchair basketball.
  • Equipment - BCWBS accesses funding to purchase specialized basketball wheelchairs that are loaned out to programs and individuals throughout BC.

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