General Information

Wheelchair basketball is one of the most popular wheelchair sports and it's easy to see why. The rules are nearly identical to able-bodied basketball (except that there's no double-dribble rule), so it's easy to learn. It’s played by athletes with multiple types of disabilities, including: spinal cord injury, amputation, spina bifida, arthritis, knee problems, post-polio syndrome and cerebral palsy. Athletes are assigned a number based on their level of disability via a classification system (1.0 for the most disabled, going up in 0.5 increments to 4.5 for the least disabled) to ensure that athletes of all types of disabilities can compete together.

Recreational wheelchair basketball programs and programs for beginners are offered around the province. There are even specialized programs for women and juniors, depending on your location. To learn more, visit BC Wheelchair Basketball Society.

Fun fact: in Canada, wheelchair basketball is an integrated sport, which means that able-bodied people can compete up to a provincial level. That means that you can get your family and friends involved in this fast and exciting sport.

In BC, wheelchair basketball is administered by the BC Wheelchair Basketball Society.