Wheelchair Tennis Comes to the 2014 Kamloops Legacy Games

Wheelchair tennis will be featured at the 2014 Kamloops Legacy Games. Wheelchair tennis players from around BC will participate in this exciting event. We'll update you on the schedule.



9 am: Jason Botham vs. Robert Thorpe (8-0) | Pat Ryan vs. Jeanine MacDonald (8-1)
Followed by: Jacques Courteau vs. Jeanine MacDonald (8-0) | Pat Ryan vs. Robert Thorpe (8-1)
Followed by: Jacques Corteau vs. Jason Botham (8-3)
Followed by: Thorpe/ Schrameyer vs. MacDonald/Ryan (4-8)
Followed by: Thorpe/Schrameyer vs. Courteau/Botham (6-8)


9 am: Pat Ryan vs. Jacques Courteau 8-6 | Jeanine MacDonald vs. Robert Thorpe 4-8
Followed by: Jason Botham vs. Jeanine MacDonald (8-0) | Jacques Courteau vs. Robert Thorpe (8-0)
Followed by: Pat Ryan vs. Jason Botham (8-4)
Followed by: Courteau/Botham vs. Ryan/MacDonald (6-3) (match shortened on account of rain)

Final Standings


Winner: Pat Ryan (Kelowna, BC)
Runner-Up: Jacques Courteau (Vancouver, BC)
Third: Jason Botham (Kelowna, BC)


Winner: Corteau/Botham
Runner Up: Ryan/ MacDonald