Since 1971, BC Wheelchair Sports Association has served to enrich the lives of Canadians. We work with partners across the country to provide wheelchair sports opportunities for individuals with physical disabilities. Our scope is wide. We provides programs for athletes from the grassroots to the Paralympic level, and develop world-class coaches, officials, classifiers and other sport professionals.

Sports under our umbrella include wheelchair rugby, wheelchair athletics (track and field), and wheelchair tennis. We oversee wheelchair basketball through BCWBS. We provide support for other activities, including floor hockey and target sports. We believe strongly in the benefit of sport recreation for individuals with disabilities for all British Columbians. This has always been our passion. We’re not just changing wheelchair sports. We’re changing lives.


BC Wheelchair Sports is the leading organization inspiring people to achieve individual excellence through wheelchair sports.


Through leadership, awareness and mentorship, BCWSA provides exceptional wheelchair sport programs and services that promote active living and the pursuit of excellence.


In pursuit of our Mission, we will

  • Strive to provide equitable access to sport-related opportunities for all members;
  • Promote sport-specific inclusion in the able-bodied sport system when beneficial to our members;
  • Encourage, support and respect individual participants in their pursuit of personal sport and active living goals;
  • Assist our members to develop sport-specific plans and programs;
  • Operate with the highest-possible ethical and moral standards;
  • Respect, value and celebrate the contributions and achievements of our members;
  • Support the principle of able-bodied participation determined on a sport-specific basis;
  • Cultivate partnerships that support our Mission;
  • Embrace the Canadian Sport for Life Model in the delivery of our programs.